Fate of the World


Horoskop na 39. týden

My dears,
these two weeks cannot be separated from one another. We are going through very crucial times and in these two weeks fate of the world will be determined. I make the following visible so that each of us for him/herself becomes aware of his/her own strength and power to influence events by just the way we think, speak and act. We, human beings, we hold it in our hands, we create our destiny. To surrender to fear means giving up our strength. And therefore I trust very much all of you who read my horoscopes that you will make use of „my“ information to benefit your life and the whole world. And that you will just send your smile to your fear.

We, Slavic nations, are endowed with the power of the Spirit, therefore let´s use it in such a crutial time!

At the same time we are very supported from the Ethereal realm and by incarnated Masters precisely because of these times, and also by conscious people who take action. We are supported to transform old mechanisms and write in a new matrix owing to our changed attitude. It is not about a passive acceptance, but it is about realization that we create the world. And now we can see the result that we brought into being in the frame of a few tens of years or even a century. Finding of a new peaceful approach is needed in these times.

The Sun is getting into conjunction with the Black Moon – karma, ascending node in Libra. I have already written about the Black Moon – karma in Libra, it brings us to the topic of balance, justice and a set-up of boundaries. It unveils the issue of dependence, clinging to something, somebody, the issue to make a good impression of oneself in public, be accepted by others even at the cost of self-denial and a loss of our own identity. In this time, all the imbalance of the world will be brought to light. The Sun, which is getting into conjunction, will cast light on the most sensitive point of the society (Libra), imbalance, dependency, clinging, hypocrisy, fear of rejection, of being publicly disgraced and importance to keep boundaries in everything. Everything has its own boundaries, the balance is symbolized by Libra and there lies a borderline at which the imbalance arises. It becomes visible the need of boundaries even of the physical ones (countries) and the opportunity to decide upon them. If I do not determine my own boundaries, who will decide on them? Who am I actually if I do not have the possibility to determine my boundaries? Each of us has inside ourselves different boundaries in all fields: mental, emotional, material, spiritual and also in the collective border of the country. How nicely it becomes visible the importance of boundaries within which we lost ourselves in order to be „herded“ like fanatics with the promise of finding „paradise on Earth“ . Some were largely abused by those who wanted only Mammon – enrichment regardless the fact to where the people would be thrown afterwards. You see how important it is to be aware when somebody is promissing you the moon?

To be a victim or an offender? This is another topic of karma in Libra. Only a man who knows and has the responsibility for his own boundaries does act and create in the interest of harmony. He will not allow others to abuse him, he will not get into a position of victim, credulous lamb nor will he become an offender. Fight – agression, if I ingore it and will not defend myself, I will become a slave. None of it is correct. If I find a balance between aggressor and slave I will find the centre, and there resides PEACE. To reach it I must be acting. I cannot wait until somebody does something.

Where does our responsability lie? In ourselves! No Messiah is coming, no Messiah will save us. And even if He came, us people would make a fanatic lunatic out of him – we would expose him to ridicule. But primarily we would have waited for the outside help and rescue again. Humankind already is capable and is to discover the power worth of Messiah – Jesus Christ. Only then the might of the Spirit can arrive, permeate and ACT through us. Only in such way can we touch and open our true strength in our Selves, all of us have it inside. All that is happening right now leads us towards it. Like Jesus who entered His Father ´s Temple and expelled all the stallholders who made a greedy market out of the Temple. And thus we must act the same way. He got angry and defended His Father´s Temple. Who else was supposed to do it if He was the one and only who deeply inside felt and honoured His Father?

As I have already written all about karma, mind and path in previous horoscopes, all will become even more intensive, visibile and people will awake. Each will experience it according to his/her own level of consicousness. Crutial moments will emerge in individual lives: facing our fate and in that moment we will be asked to wake up and to employ the power of the Spirit in our Selves. We are absorbed by the events, complications, difficulties. The only way is to awaken our Christ in our Selves. This way we can save the world and create harmony. Say prayer, see the world with love and compassion, and then roll up your sleeves and get started, do not let the evil act, stand up to it. In such a way you fulfill the Christ. Keep in mind: Heart-emotions, Mind-thought and action…only then all is joined in trinity and that changes the world.

Blood Moon

Total Lunar EclipseTotal Lunar Eclipse
(The times stated are valid for the Czech Republic)

Total Lunar Eclipse happens on 28Sept beginning at 2:10 am. It will be visible till 7:23 am in the Czech Republic. The total lunar eclipse starts at 4:10, ends at 5:23am. The Sun in Libra, in conjuction with Black Moon, the Dragon´s head will reach the Full Moon in Aries. The Earth gets in the axis between the Sun and the Moon. The Earth will be hidden by the impact of light on the Moon that stands in Aries. The Moon in Aries symbolizes the inviduality, self-awareness, true Self, beginning – the first zodiac sign. The Moon symbolizes soul, the memory of soul, emotional needs, women, children, family, mother land, Mother, Mother Earth. What does the lunar eclipse mean for us Czechs? Lunar eclipse and on top of that happening on the day of saint Wenceslas, the patron of Bohemia and Moravia? The eclipse symbolizes the eventuality to forget our true Self, individuality, roots, our children, who am I, our soul. There is written in all experience of our past lives, emotional experience – both traumatic (stronger) and positive in our soul. Only what does your soul remember, only that exists in your life. In this time, we can lose our Selves and thus, we can lose everything. Or, we will start remembering our true Self, and that is the divine spark. Thereby, the soul´s old records will be erased, supported by the power of the Spirit, from the Ethereal realm – the divine spark inside you will gain in might. Then, the reality will change gradually. Thus, on one side, there is an opportunity to end the old world or, on the other side there is an eventuality of even a deeper forgetting. One way or another, we are in process of humandkind evolution of consciousness, which becomes noticeable through material manifestation. The visible manifestation.

In this moment it is required to make truth visible so that we can see everything in complexity. Therefore I highlight all that comes to me the way it comes. Some of you know that I am part of the group that initiated the event Revival of the Nation at Bílá Hora. This group is continually working on harmonisation of the society on all levels of being. Due to the current events we had an all-day meeting on 19Sept. On behalf of the whole group, I bring out very significant realizations that refer to the importance of the entire happenings. It has been talked about for a long time that the Czech Republic is the heart of Europe. That is no news. We are aware of the importance of activating the power of heart. Considering the fact that eclipse of the Moon represents woman, it is of a high interest that women activate inside themselves their own feminine strength, peace, serenity and a sense of security with the support of men. When women experience firmness, calmness and peace, the feeling of security arrives. It is a self-awareness that brings ability to care for family, community, those in need… The balance between Aries – individuality, the Self and Libra – us, community will be fulfilled. When woman finds such power, senses her Self, as creator of life, when she stops and begins to listen to her soul in silence and if all that will be fulfilled during 27Sep, more importantly on 28Sep, then, this force will be multiplied and written into a collective consciousness. Pronounced the prayer for peace for the Czech lands followed by its emanation to neighbouring countries. The crutial members of management of the society are politicians with the president in the lead. It is essential to realize that they are our mirrors. If we want them to govern for the well-being of the people, the country, they need our support. Provided that we send out negative thoughts to them, we support negative parts in them. If we send light, support, trust out to them, then we support the vibration of their higher qualities. It is necessary to mention that from the overall perspective our politians are doing well in this crisis situation. Not to become victims again as it had hapenned in our history many times. Therefore the feminine prayer for peace and protection of our children, the prayer to president (the Sun) from the feminine (the Moon) point of stillness and calmness has a great might that will be written in the energy flow.

Feminine inner strength and power does concern all women on Earth. Every women can contribute to peace!

At the same time a real ritual will take place in the group of women. This prayer will be physically written in so that it anchors in the matter. Positive course will be consciously given support. The symbolism of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth shows clearly the following: the Earth stands in between the Sun and the Moon, it symbolizes that harmonization of the Sun in Libra – us and the Moon in Aries – the Self is to go through „the Earth = true Self“. Through the innermost place within each of us.

That is all on behalf of the group.

My dears, I am, we are in connection with you. With Love, Petra Nel